I don’t wanna go away but I can’t take this,

The fe-eling bubbles up just like this,

It ain’t really like anything happened, or triggered, I just started to feel like this.

It’s a black hole that I start to spiral,

It’s being lost when the waves get tidal,

It’s like the world’s too big, my problems too big, it’s like I just lost my idol.

My veins ache when my heart pounds out,

My mind twists with fright and doubt,

Five rounds with a heavyweight, sorry mum but I can’t wait, oh shit I just lost that bout.

All my friends say we’re right here,

I can’t talk because of their fear,

Are you thinking I’m gonna swallow pride, talk about suicide, let’s get one thing clear.

When I talk about cutting? You flinch,

When I talk about death? Just blinks,

When I confide in you, open the void for you, I wonder what my man thinks.

I can’t stand to be in this world,

Or the fact that I lost my girl,

It’s the reason for feeling this, upchuck sick from the dizziness, I hate it when memories twirl.

My head’s thumping from all the thinking,

I try to bail out, but the ships still sinking,

I’m under attack, and my blood looks black, under the starlight twinkling.

I’ll try to live for one more day,

No, fuck that, survive is what I meant to say,

I’ll curl up on the floor, in the space by the door, please keep the wolves at bay.


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