Poem from 2014: Intra-Cranial

How did you get this way     what brought you here
That is a long story     and a difficult one to tell     my daughter Died
it was hard     but     the end
Do you want to tell me     about the end
It must have been difficult

Yes     in a room     a picture     there may have been
the light     the seat     the tears
A picture
A scan     my mind     can’t recollect

What did she say
That it would be hard
that the second surgery     the craniectomy     went well     a section removed
A section of her skull     to stop the swell
they did another     scan in the morning

it was worse     her brain had
It’s okay     you don’t have to
But     I do
the grey and white cells     there was no definition

she said 80 percent
she said Thiopentone was maximum     severe cerebral odema
I asked the chances     she said she wouldn’t

walk     talk     see     hear     feed
broken     I asked     do you think it best that we turn off support
What did she say
She said     she said it was a brave choice     her lungs     diabetes insipidus
she said she would make arrangements     and asked if she could     I said no

all I wanted was to go back
back to her bedside
and that was what she said


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