Poem from 2014: Five Pounds? Oh, Okay.

Five Pounds?! Oh, Okay.

Since He and I combined, I waited for this moment.
I prayed to see the sun, if only a glimpse, yearning to escape the darkness.
Passed from calloused palm to your eager hand. You hold me tightly with a clammy touch.
I will keep lookout; a playful, rotund sentry.
I’ve heard rumours our time may be short.
Our tightness, our connection is unravelling – unknown to you.
Perhaps I longed too hard for freedom, perhaps too willingly,
I can’t cling on, I will steal a last look at your joy. The joy I bring.

Your piercing cry is obliterated by altitude. Solidity rushes into space.
Eyes glance up, hands shading the glare. I sense sadness envelop those who witness.
Some of them point.
Others sip their coffees, distracted by chirps and pips. A flashing in their hands.
I will never know your name. I am now uncatchable; dwindling,
flapping uselessly in the wind,
I cannot change this fate.

Warmth fades, deflating me. He is inside, fighting for me,
trying to prevent the inevitable.
He is wrapped in glimmer, I am beaded with moisture, a sparkle, a dazzling dot,
just a speck in a cloud.
Vapour trails frame my end of days.
There goes my escaping breath,
He rises. He is noble.


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